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Paruthipattu is strategically located in the Thiruvallur district in Chennai with its prominent position along the vital Paruthipattu-Avadi Road. This road serves as a crucial lifeline connecting Paruthipattu to Avadi, facilitating seamless transportation. The area is characterized by the notable railway Junction, a key landmark simplifying commute through the vibrant neighborhoods. Additionally, low budget CMDA approved plots in Chennai is surrounded by important regions like Melpakkam, Kannapalaiyam, KK Nagar, and Ashok Nagar, ensuring easy accessibility to various parts of this thriving locale. Excellent connectivity makes Paruthipattu an attractive destination for both residents and investors seeking convenience and growth prospects.

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Explore CMDA Approved Plots - A Lifetime Investment Opportunity!

As one of ambitious locations, CMDA approved land promises substantial land appreciation, fueled by metro expansion and its peaceful residential appeal. The Paruthipattu land rate, position it as an attractive choice for those seeking affordable yet promising property in Chennai. Surrounded by Melpakkam, Kannapalaiyam, KK Nagar, and Ashok Nagar, Paruthipattu ensures easy access to key regions. Discover low-budget CMDA approved plots for sale in Paruthipattu by Om Shakthy Homes, equipped with essential amenities. Enjoy easy access to reputed schools and medical facilities like Immanuel Hospital and Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital Ltd. The affordability, well-connected roads, and proximity to essential facilities make Paruthipattu an ideal choice for property investment and peaceful living.

Investing in residential plots for sale in Paruthipattu presents a compelling opportunity for homebuyers seeking a lucrative and sustainable investment. Situated in the burgeoning Thiruvallur district near Chennai, the locale not only offers a serene living but also holds significant promise for future appreciation. The area's strategic location, with easy access to key roads like Paruthipattu-Avadi Road and proximity to vital transit points, enhances its investment appeal. The steady development of infrastructure, including upcoming projects like Tidel Park, further contributes to the region's growth potential. As the surrounding areas plots for sale near me continue to evolve, the land value in Paruthipattu is anticipated to appreciate, making it an affordable yet valuable choice for homebuyers looking to secure a wise and enduring investment for their dream home.

Project Amenities to Ensure an Extravagant Lifestyle

Our residential property for sale in Paruthipattu known for well-planned layouts is packed with amenities that enhance the quality of life. Entrance arches, blacktop roads, a dedicated play area for kids within a gated facility, and 24/7 security take care of every aspect that a home buyers look for in buying a plot. Working professionals seek better commutes and want to stay close to their work places. With the upcoming Tidel Park, this wish will come to reality for many professionals who choose Om Shakthy. Further, our plots on EMI in Chennai redefine modern living with a focus on enhancing residents' quality of life. Standing tall the entrance arches provide unique identity for your plot in the gated community and contribute to the posh appeal. Benefit from robust transportation networks, linking Paruthipattu to Avadi and facilitating quick connections to prominent destinations like Poonamallee and Ambattur. Avadi MTC Terminus, Thiruverkadu Bus Depot, Avadi Railway Station, and Annanur Railway Station further enhance the area's accessibility.


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Paruthipattu's strategic location is a key factor in its appeal, providing residents with outstanding connectivity to essential destinations and seamless access to vital transit points such as Avadi Bus Terminus and Thiruverkadu Bus Depot. The location of township plot further ensures smooth commuting within Paruthipattu and facilitates easy travel to various parts of Chennai. The ongoing development in the surrounding areas further enhances the potential for appreciation in land value. As neighboring regions evolve, the demand for property in Paruthipattu is expected to increase, making it an affordable yet highly lucrative investment choice. Homebuyers and investors are eqaully to benefit from the anticipated rise in property values, that real estate investment in a locale that is poised for substantial growth and development.


Imminent Tidel Park


MGM Dizzee World


Avadi Railway Station


Velammal CBSE School

Om Shakthy Homes: A Name for Trust and Reliability

With a commitment to excellence, Om Shakthy Homes has carved a niche for itself, offering homes that transcend mere structures, embodying the essence of comfort and security. The clear titles associated with Om Shakthy Homes' properties provide a sense of assurance, assuring buyers that they are making a sound investment. Our plots in Paruthipattu is an affordable haven for home buyers who are looking for a credible and profitable plot purchase in Chennai.

Customer Insights: A Guide to Paruthipattu

Before making a real estate investment, gain insights from our satisfied customers. Firsthand experiences provide transparent and trustworthy perspectives, empowering you to make informed decisions when purchasing a plot in Chennai.

  • Definitely! I feel happier and luckier after purchasing this flat. Life has changed for better. Owning a glat in Santha Towers is a symbol of security for my retired life.

    ~ Jalaja Madanmohan,B103 - Omshakthy Santha Towers.
  • I specifically would like to thank Omshakthy and its team for providing, at extra vost, Reticulated Gas facility which was not originally listed in the construction agreement.

    ~ D. Dhanasekaran,D802 - Omshakthy Santha Towers.

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Why Choose Om Shakthy in Paruthipattu

As one of the top real estate companies in Chennai, Om Shakthy is committed to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, transparency in transactions, and delivering value for money. Discover comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in this low budget CMDA approved plots in Chennai with a potential for high appreciation.