Qualified and well trained individuals that provide quick and relevant solutions for all forms of support services.

3 Star Hotels - 2,
Total Rooms- 90


Complete transparency in price, regulations, schedule and documentation allows for smooth execution of commercial projects.

More than 2 lakhs sq.ft Leased Out

OmShakthy Agencies (Madras) Private Limited (OSAL) was incorporated in 1991 with the purpose to consolidate land that would be used for projects in the future.

That will include a plethora of options such as setting up of Industries, Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and most importantly residential space around prime locations in the city.


Founded OmShakthy Agencies (Madras) Pvt Ltd in the year 1991

OmShakthy was incorporated for the purpose of Land Aggregation for small projects. By virtue of its transparency, sincerity and capability, OmShakthy has been instrumental for the successful completion of various Industrial, SEZ and Residential Projects.

1992 - 1993

OmShakthy carried out land aggregation for SIDCO by acquiring a total of 350 acres of land.

1995 - 1997

OmShakthy acquired 2000 acres of land for Mahindra World City's Special Economic Zone at Chengelpet, Chennai, without facing any litigation.


Projects close to 5 million sq. ft.

OmShakthy forayed into construction as a contractor by taking contract from third parties. OmShakthy emphasis on maintaning a very high quality standards and timely completion of projects, enabled OmShakthy to successfully bid and win projects close to 5 million sq ft.

1998 - 2000

Worked on Construction projects with Reliance & Pepsi

Having established OmShakthy as a major land aggregator in Chennai, worked on various construction projects with companies like Pepsi and Reliance.
Pepsico: *Aggregated land for pepsico 2 phase - 40 Acres. *Engaged with govt of Tamilnadu to acquires all NOC's (PWD, Highways, Pollution Control Board).
*For Pepsico to erect the 2nd plant in 60 days OmShakthy played an pivotal role.
Reliance:*Detailed survey of land done across Tamilnadu for retail outlets. *Based on our suggestions, they procured land throughout Tamilnadu.

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Project Highlights

Best Plot Developers in Chennai - Building Trust in Real Estate for More than 20 years

In the heart of Chennai's thriving real estate, OmShakthy Homes stands as a beacon of excellence, offering land investors opulence and affordability in equal measures. Buying a plot or land symbolizes growth aspirations and is a substantial achievement. We understand the profound significance of property investment in Chennai and take great care in acquiring land with clear titles in the prime emerging locations of Chennai and neighboring regions to offer you only the best residential and commercial properties, prioritizing quality and satisfaction in every transaction. As one of the top real estate promoters in Chennai with a track record of helping 20k+ satisfied customers find the property they have always desired, we cater to the requirements of both homebuyers and investors by prioritizing,

  • Top thriving locations
  • CMDA and DTCP-approvals
  • Clear ownership title
  • Real estate Chennai prices within your budget

CMDA Plots for Sale in Chennai - Turning Visions into Realities

From detailed land aggregation to developing CMDA approved plots in Chennai for sale of both commercial and residential purposes, we excel in creating spaces that foster community in self-sustaining environments. We are what we promise we do.


Lead the industry with a track record of acquiring lands with clean titles, ensuring your investment is secure. Offer Gated Community CMDA, DTCP Approved Plots in Chennai, promising a safe and tranquil living environment.


Consistently plan plot projects from strategic locations in thriving areas of Chennai, ensuring convenience, accessibility, and promising potential appreciation in the long term. As one of the responsible real estate promoters in Chennai, we thrive to create a greener future by implementing eco-friendly and sustainable elements into our plot development.

From the Top Land promoters in Chennai - Crafting Experiences, Not Just Spaces!

With profound expertise in Chennai's real estate market and a passion for crafting plots tailored for residential and industrial ventures, our commitment transcends the ordinary. As experienced plot promoters in Chennai, We strive to make your property-buying journey effortless and enriching. Recognizing that a property symbolizes your future vision, our dedication goes beyond transactions. We pledge to curate real estate experiences that are not merely gratifying but profoundly transformative.

Why OmShakthy?

At OmShakthy Homes, building enduring relationships with our clients is at the core of our ethos. We believe in more than just client satisfaction; we strive to delight our customers with our unique approach. From the initial consultation to the final handshake, our customers get secure land ownership from the best land promoters like us, as we prioritize open communication, trust, and respect.


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Reserve your legacy - CMDA and DTCP approved plots in Chennai

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Projects in Nearby Locations

At OmShakthy Homes, we secure lands with clear titles, addressing both industrial and residential requirements. Our projects with carefully planned layouts emphasize amenities and strategic locations, enhancing the advantages for the intended purpose when you purchase land from us. Explore our diverse range of projects and find your perfect space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

OmShakthy Homes is one of the renowned plot developers in Chennai, known for trustworthiness and commitment to offering plots with clear ownership titles. By carefully choosing the areas with high development potential, OmShakthy Homes ensures our clients invest in locations that promise growth and value appreciation.

OmShakthy Homes presents a wide array of property choices designed to meet different requirements and budgetary considerations. With privacy, safety and provision of various amenities, our gated community plots in Chennai include residential and industrial land of various sizes and types to fulfill a range of land requirements. Located in close proximity to various amenities our land parcels leverage from high growth potential, promising substantial returns and superior living experience for the home buyers and investors.

Properties offered by OmShakthy Homes plot developers in Chennai are equipped with a range of amenities aimed at enriching the living experience. The gated township enhances security, providing residents with peace of mind. Avenue trees contribute to a greener environment, creating an oasis amidst the city. Round-the-clock security ensures safety at all hours, while abundant potable groundwater guarantees a reliable water supply. Additionally, these CMDA approved plots in Chennai features well-maintained black tar roads facilitating easy access and mobility, connecting residents smoothly to their destinations in and around the city.

Booking a plot with OmShakthy Homes is a straightforward process. Interested buyers can start by exploring ongoing projects from gated community plots in Chennai on our website. Once you find a plot or project that meets your criteria in a preferred location, you can reach out to OmShakthy Homes through phone or email, or by directly visiting our office in Ekkaduthangal. Our team will instantly respond to your queries and assist in reserving your chosen plot to ensure it remains available for you.

Payment options are tailored to align with real estate prices in Chennai, offering flexibility to ensure a smooth buying experience for our clients. This includes monthly EMI options through banks and lending agencies, allowing the cost to be distributed over time for easier financial management. You can buy DTCP approved plots Chennai in different payment plans that the buyers can choose the best that suits their budget and financial goals, enabling a seamless transition to property ownership.

As one of the best plot promoters in Chennai, OmShakthy Homes is committed to providing exceptional after-sales service to ensure client satisfaction even after the purchase is completed. This includes assistance with documentation, guidance on property management, and support for any queries or concerns that may arise. OmShakthy Homes, a reliable partner beyond the sale!