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With over 30 years of expertise, OmShakthy Agencies is one of the seasoned property developers in Chennai, aggregating land of high value and in top locations with high potential developments in and around Chennai. Our extensive experience spans diverse domains, including land aggregation, construction contracts, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), and the development of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Aggregating nearly 5000 acres of land with clear documents and negotiating with 20,000 land owners OmShakthy has played a significant role in crafting new horizon in Chennai real estate. With a strong track record and a focus on integrity, OmShakthy Agencies continues to be a trusted name to buy plot near me through clear land aggregations in the most coveted locations providing industrial, commercial, and residential spaces and contributing significantly to infrastructural developments in Chennai!

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Why Land Is the Go-to Option for Property Investment?

Land stands out as a top option for real estate investment in Chennai due to its enduring value and versatility and solid long-term investment. Further, it’s potential for rezoning or repurposing further enhances its value. With a finite supply of land, investing in it provides a tangible and finite asset, offering property investors a sense of security and stability amidst market fluctuations in Chennai. We understand that buying a plot of land gives you the flexibility in designing and constructing homes according to personal preferences. OmShakthy's expertise lies in ensuring the land they offer has clear titles, making the transaction secure for buyers.

In Chennai, to buy plots in EMI, it's essential to rely on reputable property developers like OmShakthy. We understand that how much buying a plot of land means to every individual in every aspect and we help you find suitable land prospects and investment scopes as per your preferences. We ensure a smooth land buying process. for those looking to buy land in Chennai, which is a outcome of our longstanding reputation for land aggregation with clear titles and strategic planning.

Our Land Aggregation Project Amenities at a Glance

Carrying out bespoke land aggregation processes across Chennai and the outskirts for varied choices, our success is ensured by our careful selection of locations surrounded by modern day amenities. This makes sure that whether you are looking for a residential township or land for industrial venture we provide you with the extraordinary neighborhoods with a range of exceptional facilities in the proximity. Meticulously designed plot layouts, avenue trees, and LED Street Lights in some of our residential projects are just the beginning of our broader sustainability efforts.

As a top real estate aggregator, we make sure that these gated community developments for residential and industrial purposes ensure 24/7 security with advanced systems with demarcated boundaries for each plot, CCTV, security guards and access control. Further, they offer effortless access to necessary amenities such as water, electricity, well connected roads. We facilitate band loans to these ready to build plots, making your investment in land affordable.


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Prime locations, Profitable Land Investments

Explore our ongoing and upcoming Residential Township and industrial land aggregation projects for profitable land investments!

  • Nestled in Chengalpattu and Ponneri, Mahindra World City is sprawling township spread across 87.5 million square feet (2000 acres) of DTCP-approved land with Phase I and Phase II. The Unitech township project in Thirumudivakkam and Perungalathur spans 61 million square feet (1450 acres) of DTCP- approved land. Each plot comes with clear documents, assuring buyers of a hassle-free ownership experience. If you are looking for land aggregation plots in Thirumudivakkam, the vibrant community makes an ideal choice with ample amenities and effortless connectivity in the township category.
  • Our land aggregation further extends to industrial projects to fulfill varied budget and location preferences. Sidco's industrial project in Thirumudivakkam covers 15.3 million square feet (350 acres) of DTCP-approved land, ensuring clear titles for businesses to thrive with a focus on providing well-planned spaces, excellent connectivity, and essential amenities.
  • Our industrial land aggregation plots in Mamandur spans 2.35 million square feet (65 acres) of DTCP- approved land. This project emphasizes efficiency, sustainability, and innovation, all underpinned by clear documents, providing businesses with a reliable foundation for their operations. Pepsico's commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of this industrial facility.
  • Sipcot's industrial project in Thirumudivakkam spans 3.58 million square feet (83 acres) of DTCP- approved land. With clear documents and proper demarcation, this industrial zone caters to the diverse needs of industries, fostering innovation and growth. Sipcot's commitment to providing businesses with a reliable and secure environment is evident in this well-planned industrial facility.
  • Encompassing 4.15 million square feet (95 acres), our land aggregation plots in Sriperumbudur offers clear titles with ownership of DTCP approved land in the prime location. Strategically located, this industrial zone provides businesses with essential infrastructure and convenient access to major transportation hubs, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Imminent Tidel Park


MGM Dizzee World


Avadi Railway Station


Velammal CBSE School

Explore Neighborhood Projects of Land Aggregation

Whether you need to explore our land aggregation projects within Chennai or the peaceful outskirts, real estate aggregator websites help you immensely to find reliable land developers. Being one among the trusted few, we promise a harmonious blend of urban convenience and serene living in our land projects. With clear titles and strategic planning, OmShakthy ensures a secure investment. Discover our communities in your neighborhood that resonates with growth potential today!

Esteemed Customer Reviews on Our Prestigious Land Projects

At OmShakthy industrial ventures succeed and families find the perfect plot for their dream home and business goals. Go through our customer reviews to discover firsthand experiences, stories of satisfaction, and the fulfillment of aspirations. As a property aggregator, our unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and quality shines through in the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

  • Definitely! I feel happier and luckier after purchasing this flat. Life has changed for better. Owning a glat in Santha Towers is a symbol of security for my retired life.

    ~ Jalaja Madanmohan,B103 - OmShakthy Santha Towers.
  • I specifically would like to thank OmShakthy and its team for providing, at extra vost, Reticulated Gas facility which was not originally listed in the construction agreement.

    ~ D. Dhanasekaran,D802 - OmShakthy Santha Towers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Land aggregation is the process of collecting land parcels from several locations for the purpose of developing land into plots. The specialty of OmShakthy land aggregation involves in acquiring land from clean negotiations from the land owners having clear ownership titles. By this we create larger, more manageable properties for development or investment purposes, making it easier to plan and execute large-scale projects facilitating safer investments in Chennai real estate for the homebuyers.

As one of the prominent land aggregators in Chennai, we identify multiple small land parcels in a targeted area and negotiate with individual landowners to purchase their land. By consolidating these parcels into a larger piece of land, aggregators like us play a significant role in the real estate ecosystem, regulating supply and demand in real estate industry.

For buyers, land aggregation offers several advantages, including access to larger and more strategically located land parcels that might not be available otherwise. It ensures more efficient land use, potentially lower purchase prices due to scale, and the opportunity to invest in prime locations for residential or commercial development. OmShakthy focuses on aggregating lands with clear titles, enabling buyers to confidently invest without the post-purchase hassle of document verification typically required when buying from individual owners.