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Frequently Asked Questions

OmShakthy's has various types of ongoing projects in Chennai in carefully selected residential areas, industrial spaces. Offering convenience and safety, these gated community plots are situated in prime locations with superior connectivity and access to essential amenities. All our projects aim to meet a wide range of preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone. Additionally, our CMDA verified plots situated in prominent locations of the city (Chennai, Tamilnadu) ensures long-term value and a comfortable lifestyle for potential buyers.

When purchasing a plot in Chennai, it's vital to ensure that it comes with DTCP approval, evaluate its location and how well it's connected to major points, confirm that all legal documentation is in order, and have a clear understanding of the local infrastructure and any future development plans for the area. Additionally, assessing the potential for future growth of the area and how easily accessible it is from key locations within the city is essential for making a wise investment. When it comes to DTCP-approved plots, Chennai and its neighborhoods presents excellent options with potential for growth in your investments.

OmShakthy's gated community plots in Chennai feature top-notch security measures, including CCTV surveillance and security staff, alongside amenities like parks, children's play areas, access to potable groundwater, professional upkeep, and systematically organized utility services. These offerings are crafted to deliver a mix of comfort, convenience, and security, rendering them appealing choices for both families and investors.

Specializing in affordable land options, OmShakthy Homes provides a diverse range of low cost plots in Chennai, catering to various financial plans. This includes everything from budget-friendly choices to luxurious plots in upscale areas and emerging neighborhoods. If you're keen on a specific project, feel free to reach out to us for detailed information on that particular land project, including pricing. We'll furnish you with comprehensive details to buy land in Chennai and the various payment options available to accommodate your financial planning.

Several key factors are crucial for real estate investment, particularly in ongoing residential projects in Chennai, with CMDA approval being one of the primary considerations. The location of the project significantly influences its potential for value appreciation, making it a vital aspect to consider. Equally important is researching the developer's reputation to ensure reliability and quality. Moreover, connectivity to essential destinations both within and outside the city, along with the amenities available in the vicinity, is paramount when selecting ongoing projects.

When focusing on CMDA or DTCP approved plots, Chennai OmShakthy Homes stands out for its commitment to legality and the potential for value appreciation in your investment. This ensures that every purchase meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance, offering peace of mind and a solid foundation for future growth. Choosing our CMDA approved plots in Chennai not only secures your investment legally but also enhances its attractiveness to future buyers, contributing to a more substantial return on investment.