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Frequently Asked Questions

OmShakthy is set to launch a range of exciting new projects, featuring industrial plots in Thirumudivakkam and residential plots in highly sought-after areas. These upcoming projects in Chennai are carefully planned to maximize both utility and investment potential. For individuals seeking CMDA approved plots in Chennai, OmShakthy's portfolio presents a prime opportunity to invest in land that adheres to the highest standards, along with the advantage of located in most desired neighborhoods of Chennai.

When looking for the best land investment in Chennai, it's crucial to consider various factors to guarantee both peaceful living and a profitable venture. Starting from selecting a reliable builder such as OmShakthy, to carefully verifying all property documents, there are various processes and documents to be checked and verified. Ensuring a clear title and comprehensive documentation is vital to prevent any legal complications. Additionally, potential for value appreciation, and the infrastructure of the neighboring area are key aspects of these new residential projects in Chennai that can greatly impact the returns on your investment.

Investing in upcoming residential projects in Chennai requires a keen eye on several essential factors. The project location, capital appreciation potential, reputation of the developer, and the quality of amenities plays a crucial role. Additionally, assessing the project's alignment with one's investment goals and the overall market trends can help in making a more informed decision in real estate investment in Chennai’s upcoming projects.

The CMDA approved plots in Chennai often come with a variety of facilities designed to enhance the value of the investment. Security measures, water availability, gated community features, and support for industrial activities are some of common facilities to look for in a plot/land. Connectivity to various parts of the city is also a critical aspect, ensuring easy business operations and lifestyle convenience. These facilities significantly influence the plot rates in Chennai, as they add to the desirability of the location.

The plot rates in Chennai vary widely depending on the location, size, and amenities available. Premium locations with extensive facilities tend to command higher prices. To understand the exact price range for upcoming industrial plots and new residential projects in Chennai, potential investors are encouraged to contact us directly. This way, you can receive the most accurate and up-to-date information that matches with your specific interests.

Yes. All our projects are CMDA or DTCP approved. Besidies, delivering high-quality, compliant real estate projects, our upcoming gated community projects in Chennai are designed to meet the expectations of modern homeowners, offering a blend of luxury and convenience. Additionally, for those specifically looking for DTCP approved plots in Chennai, OmShakthy Homes offers options that adheres State guidelines, ensuring a secure and compliant investment opportunity for investors.