East or West, for CMDA Approved Plots in Tambaram, Both Are Best!

If there is one place that is capitalizing the most on the rapid infrastructural growth and the influx of multinational companies in South Chennai, it is Tambaram. It stands out as a prime location, serving as the gateway to key areas in the southern part of Chennai. Excelling in effortless connectivity and with world-class amenities, DTCP approved plots in Tambaram is a preferred choice for property investment. The locality offers a diverse range of options from luxurious properties in upscale developments to affordable homes in emerging localities. As a leading investment destination, Tambaram offers lucrative opportunities for property buyers and investors alike!

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Gated Community Plots in Tambaram - Connectivity, Accessibility & Convenience!

Nestled amidst temples and steeped in cultural heritage, Tambaram is a vibrant city that has become one of the most coveted destinations in southern Chennai. In recent years, this bustling neighborhood has evolved into a prime real estate hub, making it a sought-after location in the city. The strategic location of our residential plots in Tambaram has leveraged the growing real estate industry in the area, coupled with rapid infrastructure development and the presence of multinational companies.

In the current real estate landscape, Tambaram is witnessing a surge in residential and commercial projects, catering to various budgets and preferences. Whether you are eyeing a luxurious abode or a budget-friendly dwelling, Tambaram has it all. However, to make a safe investment in Chennai, one must rely on top real estate agency like Om Shakthy, offering an abundance of residential plots, CMDA approved and with significant growth potential. Our strategic plot location ensures seamless connectivity to essential facilities such as hospitals, educational institutions, markets, and banks, ensuring that the residents have the best of what Tambaram has to offer. Further, investing in our low budget CMDA approved plots in Chennai accompanies promises substantial profits in the long run, making it a wise choice for present comfort and future gains.

Residential Plots in South Chennai- Decoding the Project Amenities

Your property investment in Chennai is secure with Om Shakthy in Tambaram that our gated community DTCP-approved plots with luxury and convenience at the lowest price. Our projects feature ideal locations, exclusive amenities, and lush green surroundings, creating a sense of community and a family- friendly environment. With dedicated kids play areas, abundant potable water, 24/7 security and other meticulously planned amenities, it offers a perfect abode for families looking for peaceful and healthy lifestyle. In Tambaram, our gated community plots ensure unmatched convenience and easy accessibility to essential amenities.


Gated Township


Kids play Area


Avenue Trees


24/7 Security

Capitalize on Plot Rate in Tambaram – Location Growth Advantages

Amidst the bustling locale, our low budget DTCP approved plots in Chennai enjoy accessibility to well- developed roads, stands out as the ideal choice for residential living. Its exceptional connectivity through public transport is a major draw, but the real gem is the CMRL project linking Tambaram and Velachery. Initially envisioned as the Chennai Monorail, this innovative project transformed into the Light Rail system. The route between Tambaram and Velachery emerged as the perfect solution, promising seamless connectivity without the hefty costs linked to traditional heavy-rail metro lines. This development is a new era of enhanced urban mobility, promising a spike in plot rate in Tambaram in the near future, making “now” the right time to invest for potential returns.


Imminent Tidel Park


MGM Dizzee World


Avadi Railway Station


Velammal CBSE School

Searching for Residential and Industrial Projects Near Tambaram?

At Om Shakthy Homes, we guarantee properties with undisputed titles in real estate investment in Chennai for industrial and residential purposes. Our developments feature meticulously designed layouts that prioritize amenities and strategic locations, maximizing the benefits for your intended usage upon acquiring land from us. Explore our carefully chosen projects for new plots for sale near me, or find your ideal space from our coveted projects below today!

Om Shakthy Client Testimonials from Tambaram Plot Owners

Discover the stories of our happily invested plot owners in Tambaram. These firsthand experiences underscore our reputation as one of the best property developers in Chennai and speak volumes about our projects. Our satisfied customers share their experience, highlighting the seamless process and unmatched satisfaction they found in their real estate deals with us.

  • Definitely! I feel happier and luckier after purchasing this flat. Life has changed for better. Owning a glat in Santha Towers is a symbol of security for my retired life.

    ~ Jalaja Madanmohan,B103 - Omshakthy Santha Towers.
  • I specifically would like to thank Omshakthy and its team for providing, at extra vost, Reticulated Gas facility which was not originally listed in the construction agreement.

    ~ D. Dhanasekaran,D802 - Omshakthy Santha Towers.

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Affordable land deals on EMI in Tambaram -Why Om Shakthy?

Investors and home buyers prefer Om Shakthy for transparency in land dealings and affordability. We offer affordable deals for investors looking for EMI plots “near me” so that they get exceptional value without compromising important aspects like CMDA approvals and clear titles. Our commitment is to provide budget-friendly options for aspiring landowners, making Tambaram plots accessible to everyone and ensuring your investment is both wise and economical.