How to Check if Your Plot is DTCP Approved or Not?

Real estate developers are required to obtain relevant permits from government authorities to ensure that their project is in accordance with the set rules and regulations before the project can be initiated. Some of the best plot promoters in Chennai today are either offering DTCP-approved or CMDA- approved plots, and it is crucial for property buyers to understand what these approvals are, how to check if a land is DTCP-approved or CMDA-approved and which one they prefer.

What are DTCP and CMDA?

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) are two authorities that oversee real estate development at different levels. While both authorities are a part of the Country Planning Act, there are several differences in the facilities, procedures, and jurisdiction of the two.

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) was established under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act of 1971. It operates under the Urban Development Ministry of Tamil Nadu and has jurisdiction across the entire state of Tamil Nadu, except for the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA). The Chennai Metropolitan Area covers an area of 1189 sq km and includes Chennai Corporation, seven municipalities, twelve town panchayats, ten panchayat unions, and 179 villages. All other outskirt regions and suburbs around Chennai, as well as the rest of the state of Tamil Nadu fall under the jurisdiction of DTCP.

What to Expect

Salient features of DTCP-approved plots in Chennai:

  • Land usage is necessitated for the sole purpose, as defined in the regulations.
  • Obtaining DTCP approvals for legal and lawful developments involves a rather simple procedure.
  • DTCP approval for plots means that the land has access to all basic amenities, such as drainage, electricity, streetlights, and roads.
  • While there are no specific requirements based on the size of the land, it is pertinent that the plot should fall within the set limits and adhere to all existing requirements and guidelines.
  • There are no time limits for the validity of a DTCP approval for a land.

Salient features of CMDA-approved plots in Chennai:

  • The direct approval of CMDA is a requisite for special buildings, multi-storey constructions, IT/ITeS developments, and various other types of buildings.
  • CMDA approvals are valid for 3 years and on receiving the approval, a developer is required to finish the project within the time period specified in their permit.
  • Keeping in line with the infrastructure and development of the city, facilities like highly efficient drainage, wide roads, robust public transport, verdant green landscapes, etc. are some of the basic expectations one can have from CMDA-approved projects.
  • CMDA aims to develop safe and sustainable spaces for people which prioritise noise-free zones, environment-friendly developments, and greener spaces.
  • CMDA approvals have more stringent criteria as compared to DTCP, and plots with CMDA approvals bring higher ROI as well.

How to Check if a Plot is DTCP Approved/CMDA Approved

It is crucial for property buyers to ensure that the plot or land they are purchasing has all the proper approvals and permits in place. Here are some important things to keep in mind to better understand how to check if a plot is DTCP/CMDA approved:

  • Ask the real estate developer or promoter for copies of the project’s DTCP or CMDA approval.
  • Look for the year of approval that is mentioned in the document.
  • Cross-check the information you get against records that are maintained at the local district office or at the concerned authority office.
  • Compare the information about the extent of the land with the survey numbers and cross-check them against the location of the plot in question, to ensure that correct information of the land has been furnished.
  • Check for public utility services that are coming up near the plot you are buying. For this, you can request a copy of the layout gift deed that the developer has submitted to the authorities.

How to Check if Plots are DTCP/CMDA Approved Online

For CMDA approvals, you can visit the official website of the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, where you will be able to check out all CMDA-approved plots, area plan units, area development units, etc., and you can confirm whether the plot you are considering buying is actually CMDA approved or not.

For DTCP approvals, you can visit the Land Use Information page on the official website of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning of Tamil Nadu. Here, you will be shown a list of year-wise approvals, and you can check whether your plot has received its DTCP approval or not.

The main motive of both DTCP and CMDA is to create safe spaces for property buyers. DTCP has governance over all the development projects across Tamil Nadu, except for those that fall in the Chennai Metropolitan Area, which comes under the jurisdiction of the CMDA.